Privacy Policy - Updated On : 10 April-2022


This privacy (“Policy”) is applicable to the collection, storage, and processing of personal information by My Taj Trip (hereinafter “TI”) in connection with personal information provided by any individual (“User”) who has purchased or intends to purchase any product(s) or service(s) from TI or who makes inquiries about such product(s) or service(s) through any of TI’s interface channels, including its website, mobile site, and mobile app (collectively referred herein as” Sales Channels”).

For the purpose of Privacy Policy:

When “you” or “your” are used in this policy, they relate to “User.”
Any references to “we,” “us,” or “our” relate to “TI.”
Websites, mobile sites, and mobile apps are all included when the term “website” is used (s)

The User acknowledges and agrees to the terms of the Privacy Policy and the contents hereof by accessing or using the website or any other sales channel. Do not access or use our website or any other Sales Channels if you disagree with the Privacy Policy.

Your privacy is significant to us, and we understand that how personal data is used and disclosed may have significant effects on both us and the individuals whose data we process.

The user hereby consents to and accepts the terms of this Privacy Policy and its contents in order to use or access the Website or other Sales Channels.

Purpose of the Policy

Your right to know how and why information is gathered, utilised, disclosed, transferred, and retained is something we respect. So that you are aware of our policies, we have established this Policy. According to the relevant data protection laws and standards, this policy outlines how we will use your information when you use our website or other digital platforms.

We are dedicated to preserving your personally identifiable information that may be used to identify you (sometimes referred to as “information,” “personal information,” “personal data,” or “special category of personal data”) by employing the proper technological and organisational safeguards.

What Personal Data we collect?

When you conduct business with us, we may get the following sensitive and personal data about you:

  1. Name, gender, birthdate, and age
  2. Address, email, and cell phone numbers are provided as contact information.
  3. residence country
  4. Card information
  5. Frequent flyer number and passport number (wherever needed)
  6. Lifestyle and social context (for example, your hobbies)
  7. Information about the family (for example, your marital status and dependents)
  8. Information about employment and education (for example, the organisation you work for, your job title and your education details)
  9. Information pertaining to money and taxes (for example your income, investments and tax residency)
  10. TI and its third parties’ comments or postings on any blogs, forums, wikis, or social media platforms
  11. IP address, language and type of your browser, and access times.
  12. Details of your use of our products and services as well as any complaints you may have.
  13. When you enter our property, we also record CCTV and other types of information.
  14. recording of phone calls made to our agents or contact centres
  15. Information on how you like to communicate with us and other details
  16. comparable to that that are important to our relationship

The “sensitive” or “special categories” of personal data we may additionally gather include information about you that:

  1. Dietary needs (for instance, when indicating your preferred meal during flight or hotel reservations)
  2. Health (for instance, to facilitate your access to our facilities, goods, and services, and/or for any specific support you may need)

Personal data of other users, clients, or travellers: By giving us personal data on people other than yourself, you agree to notify those people of the terms of this privacy statement.

  1. To obtain from the individual any legally necessary consent for the gathering, use, disclosure, and transfer (including cross-border transfer)
  2. of the individual’s personal information in accordance with the legal and regulatory requirements.

We also get data from 

  1. Appsflyer, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Ads conversion monitoring, and Google Analytics. Intent Media is one of these tools.
  2. Cookies, usage data, and other data types are all used by Adobe Analytics and are detailed in the service’s privacy statement.
  3. surveillance of the infrastructure Crashlytics: Location data, certain device identifiers for advertising (such Google Advertiser ID or IDFA, for example), and different forms of data as outlined in the service’s privacy policy.
  4. Interactions that depend on location: Areas of the world
  5. Unique device identifier: This Application may monitor Users by saving a unique identifier of their device, whether for analytics or to save Users’ preferences.

How do we gather personal information?

Directly: There are many different ways we can get personal information from people. For example, we can get it when they give us their business card, fill out an online form on our website or mobile app, give us information about past reservations or requests, sign up for our newsletters and preference centre, sign up for webinars, come to one of our meetings or events, or come to our offices. In some cases, such as when developing a commercial connection, providing expert services under a contract, or using our hosted software applications, we may also receive personal information directly.

We obtain personal information about people indirectly from a number of sources, including but not limited to travel agencies, other travel websites, social media, authorised representatives when such representatives are looking for information about travel services on behalf of others, and our clients. To better understand you and provide for your needs, as well as to meet legal requirements, we may add personal information to our customer relationship management records.

Public source: Public sources like news articles and internet searches can be used to get personal information.

Social networking and business-related websites: If you register for or log in to our websites using social media (such as LinkedIn, Google, or Twitter) to verify your identity and connect your social media login information with us, we will collect the information or content you authorised your social media provider to share with us for the purposes of the registration or login. Your name, email address, and other information about you may be included in that information, depending on your privacy choices. Please check the privacy controls on the relevant service to determine how much information you wish to share with us.

Business customers: As part of our agreements with our business clients, we may share personal data under their control in order to deliver the products or services we offer. On our hosted software applications, we could additionally process personal data under our clients’ control as part of our services. The client privacy policy of TI shall apply to any such processing.

How will we utilise and treat your personal information?

Without your permission, we never trade or sell the information mentioned above. The aforementioned data that was obtained from you is used for the following purposes: to reserve and book services for you and for those whose data you have supplied.

Credit card and net banking details are often gathered directly by banks and payment gateways rather than by TI; nevertheless, if ever saved or held by us, the information will remain internal.

These facts could also be processed with the assistance of specific third parties, but solely in order to handle “Cash Back & Discounts” and Charge Backs, if necessary. Information like a person’s mobile number, email address, and mailing address may be utilised for marketing initiatives.

to oversee and handle any requests you make via our website.
must adhere to legal and administrative obligations.
promoting our expert services, goods, and skills to current and potential business customers.
sending invitations and granting access to those coming to our events, webinars, or activities we sponsor.
creating individualised internet landing pages and messaging depending on customer engagements.

You can still visit our website if you choose not to share this information, but you might not be able to use all of the choices or our services.

How are cookies used?
Generally, you are not required to identify yourself or provide any personal information to us in order to browse our website. While we keep track of the Internet addresses of the domains that visitors come from and analyse this information for trends and statistics, the specific user stays anonymous.

Cookies are used on certain of our web sites so that we can provide you with more individualised content when you visit us again. Cookies are unique identifiers that websites send to your computer’s browser to make it easier for you to return to our site later. Your browser can be configured to alert you when a cookie is transmitted, giving you the choice of accepting or declining it. The details we gather

With whom do we share your Personal Data

We may provide information about you to: for any of the purposes listed in the “How will we use/process the personal data?” section above.

other businesses that are TI group members or service providers.
competent authorities (including the legal authorities who should be in charge of overseeing our internal compliance and audits).
Any other organisation to which we may assign our duties under the terms established by TI and the relevant organisation.
After a restructuring, sale, or purchase of any TI member, any other person or organisation, so long as they utilise your personal information for the same reasons we did.

organisations that assist us in making credit decisions and lower the occurrence of fraud, such as credit reference agencies.
Other third parties who legitimately need access to your personal information. Specifically speaking about the third party, On our behalf, third-party service providers deliver advertisements around the Internet and sporadically on our website. They could compile data that is anonymous about your use of our website, interactions with our goods and services, and trips there. They could target adverts for goods and services using information about your visits to this and other websites. The majority of big websites utilise “pixel tags,” which are an industry standard tool for gathering anonymous information. No individually identifying data is gathered or utilised.

Please send us an email if you’d like more details about this practise and to learn your options for preventing our third-party service provider from using this anonymous information.

Various blogs, forums, wikis, and other social media platforms that let you exchange material with other people are hosted on our website (collectively referred to as “Social Media Applications”). Any private information you share on social media applications like these can be accessed, collected, and used by other users. Any information you give to these social media applications may not be handled in accordance with our privacy policy since we have little to no control over these other users.

Information Security and Protection

We put in place the necessary technical and organisational safeguards to ensure a level of security commensurate with the risk of processing, taking into account the costs of implementation, the nature, scope, context, and purposes of processing as well as the risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons, which can vary in likelihood and severity. These safeguards include:

Encrypting personal data; being able to guarantee ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability, and resilience of processing systems and services; being able to quickly restore availability and access to personal data in the event of a physical or technological incident; and a process for routinely testing, evaluating, and reporting on the effectiveness of technical and organisational measures for ensuring the security of the processing.

We make sure that people who process personal data on a regular basis or who have permanent access to it, as well as those who work on developing technologies for processing personal data, are instructed on their duties and are aware of their rights.

We have put in place the necessary security procedures and certifications to safeguard your personal information and guard against unauthorised access.

We demand that any third parties who process your information have in place the same standards of security for your data.

Although no system, including ours, is completely impenetrable, we will keep implementing internet security protocols to make sure your data is kept secure with us. You agree by using this site to conduct transactions, browse, or store any data or information.

Data Storage

In order to fulfil the goals for which we gathered your personal information, we will only keep it for as long as is required. This includes, for instance, fulfilling any legal, regulatory, financial, or reporting obligations; performing legal work; and establishing or defending legal claims.

Our document management, retention, and destruction policy as well as any relevant regulations will determine how long we keep your personal information in our systems. This time could continue after your engagement with us ends, but only for as long as it’s necessary for us to have enough data to address any concerns that might come up later. For instance, in order to give you compensation for a trip you booked but had to cancel, we might need or be compelled to keep some information. Additionally, we might need to keep some information if we have reason to think in good faith that a specific action will prevent fraud, protect us from liability, allow us to pursue available defences, or reduce any damages we may experience.

In rare cases, we may anonymize your personal information (making it impossible to link it back to you) for research or statistical reasons, in which case we may continue to use this data indefinitely without further informing you.

Adaptations to the Policy

This notification will take effect on January 1st, 2020. We retain the right to edit or modify this Policy at any time, and we will provide you a notice of any material revisions as soon as possible through email or by posting a clear notice of the change on our website. Periodically reviewing the policy is advised. Your continued use of our website following the posting of any changes to this policy here will be construed as your acceptance of those changes and your agreement to follow and be bound by the revised notice.

Rights You Have

You may have rights in connection to your personal data under specific conditions under the applicable data protection legislation. In line with any relevant legislation, rule, or regulation pertaining to the processing of your personal data, we will respond swiftly and in a manner that respects your rights.

For the purpose of ensuring your identification and your right to access your personal data, we might need to ask you for certain information (or to exercise any of your other rights). This is a security precaution to make sure that no one who has no business receiving it is given access to personal information. In order to expedite our answer, we could possibly get in touch with you and ask you for further details about your request.

We make an effort to reply to any genuinely asked questions within one calendar month. Occasionally, if your request is very complicated or you have made several requests, it can take us more than one month. We will let you know and keep you informed in this situation.